Over My Dead Body 

by Martin Sherwood

Thrillers in the world of medicine 

Martin Sherwood 

Martin Sherwood is the pen name of Motti Sharir, M.D., Ph.D., a practicing ophthalmologist and glaucoma researcher. When not seeing patients, he writes thrillers and screenplays and plays the accordion. While still in medical school, he was a journalist and editor, and aired a radio program about folk music and poetry. During his professional career, he has authored numerous books and book chapters on glaucoma as well as more than fifty articles in peer-reviewed journals. He lives in a Tel Aviv suburb with his wife and three cats.



"Martin Sherwood has taken decades of experience as a physician and eye surgeon and placed them firmly in the realm of murder mystery/thrillers. In this, his first book in English translation, he unfolds the conflict of interests between pure science and the humanist demands of decency, morality and the saving of lives, all incorporated into a fascinating detective story with an unusual twist to the plot."

Amnon Jackont, Israel's
#1 mystery writer

"Great book to add to your collection"

Rachel Brennan

"Exceptional Medical Mystery"

Johannes D Huizinga

"I loved it, because its a possibility that these things could happen to anyone of us"

Evonne Cooke

"Interesting plot, a good read, keeps you interested until the end"

Gary C. Kessler
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