Ribbon of Darkness

Adam returns to his hometown in Southern Kentucky to avenge the lynching of his parents – a black lawyer and a Jewish artist – by the Ku Klux Klan. Twenty years after that horrific night, Adam Gilsin, the only survivor, returns to the isolated cabin in the forest at the edge of Montclair – a pastoral and God-fearing village – to even the score.

Adam had barely survived that fateful night, physically damaged – injured, epileptic and haunted by nightmares. His return to Montclair opens old wounds, exposes dark secrets and shakes up the local politics. In the decades that had passed, the perpetrators reached key positions in business and government, including a judge and a candidate for the US Senate. They do all they can to bury the past. And their visitor.

But Adam uses his cyber expertise to exact his unique revenge. In doing so he risks the lives of his most precious ones, including himself. But this was the only way to get his first good night's sleep.


One spring evening the KKK planned to march under the window of Martin Sherwood’s clinic in Louisville. The melee was eventually blocked by court order but caught the author’s interest to open a crack into the hooded world of the Grand Wizard, Dragon, Cyclops and burning crosses.

RIBBON of DARKNESS is a work of fiction, written as a historical thriller, but it is based on true events, and searches for the motives for racial hatred and Antisemitism.

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